Apr 20, 2015


The next logical point of focus must be the Cash Level in the scheme. The Cash level is the amount of money the mutual fund is holding in Cash, i.e. the amount not invested in stocks and bonds but lying in cash. If the scheme is having higher than industry average cash levels consistently, more so in a bull market, it will lead to a inferior performance by the scheme than its peers. However, in a falling market, it is this higher cash level that will protect investor wealth from depleting. Hence whenever one is analyzing cash levels, it is extremely important to see why the fund manager is sitting on high cash levels. It may be so that he is expecting a fall therefore he is not committing large portions of monies. It may be so in a bull market or a bear market. The strategy could be to enter once the prices correct. High cash levels can also be seen as a cushion for sudden redemptions and in large amounts.


Assets Under Management (AUM)

May 17, 2014

Concept Clarifier – AUM

Assets Under Management (AUM) represents the money which is managed by a mutual fund in a scheme. Adding AUMs for all schemes of a fund house gives the AUM of that fund house and the figure arrived at by adding AUMs of all fund houses represents the industry AUM. AUM is calculated by multiplying the Net Asset Value (NAV – explained in detail later) of a scheme by the number of units issued by that scheme.


A change in AUM can happen either because of fall in NAV or redemptions. In case of sharp market falls, the NAVs move down, because of which the AUMs may reduce.


Fund of Funds

Fund of Funds

These are funds which do not directly invest in stocks and shares but invest in units of other mutual funds which they feel will perform well and give high returns. In fact such funds are relying on the judgment of other fund managers. An investor must know how to make an informed decision.


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